Deferred Compensation

Deferred Compensation

For Information about the PERA Deferred Compensation Plan administered by Nationwide Retirement Solutions go to:

You may also contact:
Karyn Lujan, PERA Deferred Compensation Plan Manager, at (505) 476-9386.

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3600 Rodeo Lane
Suite B1
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507

Nationwide Retirement Solutions
PO Box 28580
Santa Fe, NM 87592

Jocelyn Hodes, Northern Territory Representative
Phone (505) 321-2239

Linda Miller, Southern Territory Representative
Phone (575) 520-2660

Clayton Puckett, Central Territory Representative
Phone (505) 362-8814

Quarterly Reports

Deferred Compensation Testimonials
What participants say about the State of New Mexico Deferred Compensation Plan

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