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The mission of the Board of the Public Employees Retirement Association is to preserve, protect, and administer the trust to meet its current and future obligations and provide quality services to Association members.

PERA Ballots are in the Mail!

Be sure to look for yours. Ballots must be received at the Santa Fe Post Office by noon on September 19, 2014 to be counted.

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PERA Issues Statement on the FY09 Union Lawsuit

PERA to Develop Five-Year Strategic Plan

PERA is in the beginning stages of a strategic planning process that will ultimately lead to a five-year strategic plan for PERA.

Developing our five-year strategic plan will be an active effort and we need each of you to help. The outcomes and the Plan will be actionable: We will use it as a tool for informed decision making and rely on it for setting priorities and developing our budgets. We will look to the plan to keep our focus on our main goals and priorities.

Over the course of the next few months we will solicit input and guidance from PERA staff, our Board and our many constituencies (members, retirees, employers, etc.) to help develop this roadmap.

This is a process that depends on everyone's participation. This is your plan. Everyone will help design it. Everyone will own it. Everyone will help implement it.

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(posted July 24, 2014)

PERA Board Adopts New Service Credit Rule
  • On June 26th, 2014, the PERA Board adopted a new PERA Rule 2.80.600. The new rule will change the way non-vested and future PERA members earn service credit. Read more. (posted July 24, 2014)
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Santa Fe Office:
P.O. Box 2123
33 Plaza La Prensa, Santa Fe, NM 87507 (physical address)
P.O. Box 2123, Santa Fe, NM 87504 (mailing address)

Voice: (505) 476-9300
Fax: (505) 476-9401
Toll Free in New Mexico: 1 (800) 342-3422

Albuquerque Office:
2500 Louisiana Blvd. NE, Ste 420
Albuquerque, NM 87110

Voice: (505) 383-6550
Fax: (505) 883-4573

For people working for a public school system in New Mexico and wanting retirement information, contact the Educational Retirement Board at 1-866-691-2345.

For members wanting information about health and life insurance, contact the NM Retiree Healthcare Authority at 1-800-233-2576.

For questions concerning membership and retirement contact: pera‑memberservices@state.nm.us

For customer service inquiries or to request training in the Albuquerque Metro Area please contact: pera‑albuquerque@state.nm.us

To request an informational seminar in your area or for questions concerning member training contact: pera‑training@state.nm.us

To request training for employers regarding PERA procedures, forms and RIO reporting contact christina.gauthier@state.nm.us.

For questions concerning the PERA Board contact: judy.olson@state.nm.us

Members who need their account accessed by PERA should include their PERA ID number or the last 4 digits of their Social Security number in their email request.

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